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Electronic Waste Recycling in Cupertino

Knowing how to properly dispose of electronic devices is crucial but not always easy. Many of us may assume that these items can go into the regular trash receptacle or recycling, but placing IT gear in either can harm our planet. Plus, this can put your cyber security at risk by exposing your stored data to hackers. Evergreen IT Solutions provides electronic waste recycling in Cupertino and several other e-waste handling services, detailed in the information below.

IT Equipment Buyback Program

Why waste space on IT equipment you don’t need? If your business has outdated appliances or devices you no longer use, make use of them instead of letting them collect dust or tossing them out. If you have functioning devices such as printers, laptops, and computers, we’ll buy them from you! Contact us for a quote on your electronic devices; we base compensation on condition and model.

Electronic Recycling Pickup Service

Responsibly dispose of outdated, broken electronics at your company with our electronic waste pickup in Cupertino. Simply contact us for a collection bin that you can fill with your unwanted devices. After doing this, one of our team members will return to pick up and properly recycle these electronics.

Data Destruction and Erasure

Most companies store information on the digital scape because it makes accessing files easier for all employees. However, this puts you at risk for data leaks and hacking if you don’t have a professional wipe the hard drives of all devices during the e-waste disposal process. With our data destruction services in Cupertino, Evergreen IT ensures all devices get cleared of sensitive information before reusing or recycling electronics.

Commercial Facility Clean-Out Service  

If you’ve decided to downsize your office or make workers completely remote, you may need assistance clearing out your commercial facility, but this can be a time-consuming process. Our team can help you with disassembling server racks and liquidating old technology.   

Data Center Decommissioning

Evergreen IT Solutions has years of experience, and we can use our expertise to help you decommission your data center. In addition, our team of professionals will assist you in selling and recycling the IT equipment you no longer need for your data center.

Finding proper electronic waste recycling in Cupertino doesn’t have to be difficult—contact Evergreen IT today! You can reach our team by calling 408-353-0129 or emailing

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