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Some Shocking Facts Regarding E-waste and What You Can Do About it

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

When someone thinks about living a greener and more sustainable lifestyle, they’ll often recall the three easy to remember R’s.




While some might be quick to apply this concept to plastic containers, straws, or food waste, these principals also apply to a new form of waste. E-waste. It’s relatively new when you consider that our world wasn’t so reliant on computers and cellphones 50 years ago. However, it is still just as harmful as any other form of waste and should be viewed as a threat to our society. If you’re interested in learning more about how E-waste affects us all, as well as safe computer disposal for businesses, keep reading.

E-waste can lead to security risks if not disposed of properly

Not disposing of e-waste properly can lead to security risks. If sensitive information is not erased from hard drives and computers before they are discarded, this can cause a security breach or identity theft. This has also become a serious issue for larger technology companies.

E-waste pollutes the air, earth, and water

E-waste doesn’t just sit comfortably in a landfill. When these technological devices are buried deep within the Earth’s surface, they leak hazardous material into the surrounding soil and water.

Every year, up to 50 tons of E-waste is created

Everything from video game consoles, last season’s smartphone, to countless computer hard drives are thrown into landfills all across the globe. In fact, it makes up 70% of the world’s overall toxic waste. We have such limited space on this plant, and though it seems like something we can just bury and forget, that is not the case. Sooner or later, we will suffer the consequences if we don’t take action.

What to do about it: electronic disposal requirements

Like every other form of waste out there, there is a proper way to dispose of it that’s better for the environment. Follow some of these electronic disposal requirements.

First off, try electronic recycling. You may donate what you no longer need and prolong its lifespan above ground for a few more years.

Secondly, you may employ a company to dispose of the e-waste for you responsibly. You can schedule E-waste pick ups, so you don’t even have to leave the office.

Raise awareness

Another huge contributor to this issue regarding e-waste is unawareness. Everyone uses technology these days, but not everyone knows how to dispose of it safely and ethically. Bring this up at your next office meeting, speak with the head of IT, or discuss the issue one on one with co-workers if you want to make a difference.

Make the world a safer and more sustainable place

Though E-waste is a relatively new form of waste, that doesn’t make it any less dangerous to us, or our planet. Take active steps to reduce the amount of waste you produce, whether it’s at work or at home. There are plenty of reasons you should be responsibly disposing of your electronic waste.

For the sake of our planet, follow the previous electronic disposal requirements. Try to make more conscious decisions to influence your loved ones and co-workers to make this a better Earth for every living thing.

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