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E-Waste Recycling in Alameda, CA 

Do you have old and unneeded electronic devices and IT equipment wasting space in your workplace? Evergreen IT Solutions is an e-waste recycling company in Alameda, CA, offering various services that make it easy for you to recycle these items. Proper disposal of electronic devices helps protect your digital identity and cut down on waste in landfills. Below, we've detailed several of our available services.  

IT Equipment Buyback Program

Evergreen IT Solutions will buy equipment whether you have a surplus of electronics or functional but outdated gear. Some items we accept include computers, security systems, switches, routers, CPUs, and laptops. Items are only eligible if they still work properly. For a quote on your devices, please message us a detailed list regarding the electronics' brand, model, quantity, and condition. 

Electronic Recycling Pickup Service

Evergreen IT Solutions can still assist if you have devices that aren't in the proper condition to sell. With our electronic recycling pickup service, you'll place all the gear into one of our bins for recycling. Once you've filled your collection container, contact us, and we'll send a representative to pick it up from your facility. We'll provide you with a Certificate of Recycling to prove you properly disposed of your old electronics.


Data Destruction and Erasure

Our team has the necessary certifications and background to completely wipe and destroy devices such as hard drives, motherboards, SSDs, LTO tapes, and more. This level of expertise is essential in data destruction, as it keeps all your information secure. We also have onsite hard drive shredding that ensures the complete destruction of these devices.

Data Center Decommissioning and Destruction Services

Getting your data center properly decommissioned is vital. Evergreen IT Solutions can assist you with data center decommissioning; we’ll unrack mainframes, PDUs, switches, APCs, and servers, plus remove metal racks and cables. You can sell unneeded equipment to us or have our team recycle it. We shred unnecessary gear and provide our customers with a Certificate of Destruction and Certificate of Erasure.

Commercial Facility Clean-Out Service

Need to clear out your facility? Evergreen IT Solutions offers e-waste disposal to companies and data centers planning to relocate or downsize. Our team can dismantle AV audio equipment, remove white noise boxes from the ceiling, and decommission your server room.

Contact Us

Appropriately disposing of electronics keeps our planet healthy and ensures your data remains secure. Contact us today to set up one of these e-waste recycling services in Alameda, CA. 

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