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At Evergreen IT Solutions, we provide R2 Certified data center decommissioning services throughout the entire Bay Area and all across the U.S. We work closely with various data centers, colocation centers, software companies, manufacturers, and any company that requires confidential electronic hardware to be recycled by R2:2013 and NIST 800-88 Standards. Our San Jose data center decommissioning program offers numerous services, including IT equipment buyback, data destruction, electronic recycling, online client portal database for complete data center IT asset disposal solutions.

R2V3 Certified
ISO 9001:2015 Certified
ISO 14001:2015 Certified
ISO 45001:2018 Certified
Environmental Protection Agency

Data Center Decommissioning

Our decommissioning technicians provide the labor to remove all networking equipment and transport for processing at our certified facility. Services include:

  1. Unracking of equipment - White glove service to unrack servers, switches, PDUs, APCs, and mainframes. 

  2. Unbolting and disposal of server cabinets - Complete removal and disposal of metal racks.

  3. Dismantling and removal of cable management equipment

  4. Network cable removal - Horizontal and vertical cable removal of all CAT 5/6 cable from cages, data centers, IDF rooms, and offices.

  5. Hardware buyback - Submit an inventory list beforehand to receive per- unit competitive pricing for your networking gear. Our team purchases your company’s hardware, so you can make the most of your decommissioned assets.

6. Inventory recording - Recording services includes brand, model number, asset tag, serial number, and hard drive serial number inventory. 

7. Destruction for Hard Drives - Certificates of Destruction for physical shredding and Certificates of Erasure for NIST 800-88 Standards 3 pass            wipe.

8. Electronic waste recycling bins - Receive collection bins for onsite e-waste accumulation. Once full, schedule a free pick-up and receive a               swap of bins. Certificates of Recycling are issued for all electronics recycled for your ESG reporting and sustainability efforts.

Client Portal Database

Every client of ours receives access to a client portal database. This is where companies can log in and view all certificates, settlement reports, order histories, and inventory lists. We have designed our data center decommissioning service to ensure that our clients have the ability to securely access important documents. This is also a great way to assure that you meet any and all auditing requirements.  

Hard Drive Erasure And Destruction.

During this data center decommissioning step, we provide hard drive data erasure and destruction services. This comes with certification of erasure according to NIST 800-88, DoD 5220.22-M, or NRA standards—which are 3-pass, 5-pass, and 7-pass wipes, respectively. With this additional service, your company can choose to receive: 

  1. Certificates of Destruction or Certificates of Erasure for Hard Drives

  2. Serial number recording of inventory for complete tracking

  3. Product destruction for proprietary materials or prototypes

Contact Our Team

To receive more information about our Data Center Asset Management Service for the San Jose and Fremont area, contact one of our Account Managers today to get started. 

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