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Building Brighter Futures and Making Our World a Better Place

Evergreen IT Solutions values community impact through corporate giving, that is why we have taken the opportunity to give back where we can make a difference for those in need. We focus on sustainability through our recycling programs to protect our environment and we believe that everyone has the power to spark a change to improve the quality of life of those in underprivileged communities. Out abroad and near home, we have initiated projects and participated in the effort of non-profit organizations to make our world a little brighter and better each and every day.

Our Project in Mexico: Building a School and Church for the Children

One of the largest projects we’ve been so happy to take a part in is the ongoing effort to build a local elementary school and community church for the rural town of San Pedro, Mexico. Many children in rural Mexico face challenges to receiving a quality education due to financial and transportation barriers. Most children have to walk miles to and from their school no matter the weather conditions. We believe that children should have access to educational opportunities and a safe place to express their beliefs, and this year we worked with the town of San Pedro in the State of Mexico to continue the ongoing project of building an elementary school, paved streets, and a church in their local community.

Through our client’s support, we are working on building a fully furnished computer lab where students will be able to access learning through technology and develop life skills utilizing the internet. It is important to expand the reach of the students for them to have greater opportunities for higher education in their local community. The computers, laptops, routers, and infrastructure of the school’s computer lab will be refurbished gear that our team has fully wiped, installed, and set up for long-term use at the school.

Since 2020, Evergreen IT Solutions has worked with the local church of San Pedro to coordinate with town officials, the community volunteers, and local leaders to provide the funds possible to continue building a well established elementary school building from the ground up. Our team is very happy to have the opportunity to provide resources to support projects in areas such as San Pedro where the impact of giving is great.

Below are pictures of the community members as they work diligently to continue this project. 

Local Neighborhood Support in Our Hometown:

Fremont, CA


This year, in our local community, Evergreen IT Solutions partnered with Alameda County’s Toys for Tots Foundation to give a donation and provide toys for children in low-income communities. The Alameda County Toy’s for Tots foundation works with several companies and other non-profit groups to collect toys ranging from infants, toddlers, all the way to teenagers who can enjoy a special gift this Holiday Season. Thank you to Toys for Tots for your outstanding work every year and allowing Evergreen IT Solutions to participate in this year’s efforts!

Toys for Tots.jpg

We look forward to continuing serving our community through our recycling and ITAD programs to make an impact locally and abroad. Continue to check back on this page for updates, additional pictures, and information on our corporate giving for the year.

Thank you

From the Evergreen IT Solutions Team

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