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Image by Maxim Hopman


Many modern companies rely on technological equipment and accessories to keep their businesses going. Businesses often need to upgrade their computer systems to stay competitive and keep processes efficient. However, this continual evolution pushes aside old, outdated equipment models, which can take up space in your facility and lead to electronic waste. Don’t simply toss out these models when you’re no longer using them—properly managing this e-waste is crucial to protect the environment and comply with regulatory requirements. Evergreen IT Solutions offers comprehensive commercial computer recycling services designed to help businesses combat e-waste and practice proper disposal. 


We offer commercial computer recycling in San Jose for local businesses. You can choose several options for commercial computer recycling, including e-waste drop-off and pick-up options, depending on which is more convenient. This ensures a quick and efficient recycling process. At Evergreen IT Solutions, we also understand the importance of data security when it comes to e-waste recycling. We provide secure information erasure to create a fresh slate and wipe your equipment clean. This ensures data security for your company and its confidential information. Proper recycling ensures that sensitive business data is securely destroyed, protecting your company from data breaches and cyber threats. 


By choosing Evergreen IT Solutions for your commercial computer recycling needs, you are making a commitment to sustainability, data security, and compliance. Our team follows strict regulatory guidelines to ensure compliance with environmental laws and regulations. Our professional, reliable services ensure that your e-waste is handled responsibly, giving you peace of mind and contributing to a greener planet.  


For more information on commercial computer recycling in San Jose or to schedule a pick-up, please contact us today. We also offer e-waste recycling and collection services around the Bay Area. Evergreen IT Solutions offers a range of other electronic waste management solutions for businesses. Browse our local services today to see how we can assist your business. Join us in making a difference, one recycled computer at a time. 

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