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Commercial Clean Outs


Relocating, downsizing, or moving out? We can help.

Commercial cleanouts - Relocating, downsizing, or moving out?

Evergreen IT Solutions offers commercial clean-out services to businesses moving out or undergoing a large system upgrade. During your busy project or office move out, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing we will provide all the necessary resources to disconnect, package, and remove all your electronic waste items and decommissioned equipment from your facility. Our team will purchase any surplus equipment for resale, recycle all electronic waste, and destroy all hard drives during your commercial clean-out project.

Our team is trained to decommission data centers, corporate offices, labs, and storage rooms to save your company time and resources. We collect any decommissioned assets, palletize, and transport to our R2-certified processing facility.

Our commercial clean-out process:

  1. Receive collection bins to recycle any electronic waste, decommissioned assets, or EOL surplus equipment.

  2. Sell us your functional hardware - laptops, computers, servers, testing equipment, lab equipment.

  3. Destroy all hard drives, SSDs, LTO tapes, and any media with our destruction services.

  4. Decommission your data center or server room - We derack all servers, remove all networking cables from ceilings, and debolt the metal server racks for disposal.

  5. We remove any UPS Batteries from Data Center

  6. Our team removes any additional facility equipment such as security systems, AV Audio equipment, and white noise boxes from ceilings.

  7. We dismantle cubicles, remove any office furniture, and dispose of tables, chairs, file cabinets, and any miscellaneous items your team needs cleaned out.

Commercial clean out - data center

Contact Our Team

Let our team take care of your corporate office move out every step of the way. Contact us today to schedule an onsite walkthrough or virtual meeting to discuss your upcoming project and commercial clean-out needs.

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