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Client Portal & Itam


Each customer on our commercial electronic recycling program is assigned their own Client Login to our online portal and receives complete access to their IT asset disposition records --- such as Certificates of Recycling, Certificates of Destructions, invoices, inventory lists, and purchase orders. This software is an additional benefit to our comprehensive commercial electronic recycling and IT asset decommissioning program and comes at no charge to your company.

Access all ITAD documentation through our Client Portal Software.

Access all ITAD documentation through our Client Portal Software.

Our Client Portal allows you to manage your decommissioned IT assets in a secure and organized manner. The platform is easily accessible through our website and is easy to navigate to download documents in PDF and Excel. You have 24hr access to the online client portal so you can download Certificates and documents anytime your upper management or auditing body requests them so you never have to worry about searching through various emails.

Dashboard Gives You Access to:

  • Certificates of Recycling

  • Certificates of Destruction

  • Settlement Reports and Invoices

  • Asset Tag or Serial Number Lists

  • Inventory Picture Reports

  • Complete Pick Up Order History

  • Total Pounds Recycled

Client portal & Itam
Client Portal & Itam

Menu Allows You to Directly Create or Edit:

  • E-Waste Pick Up Request

  • Collection Bin Drop Off Request.

  • Order Handling Instructions

  • Finance or Billing Accounts

  • Hard Drive or Product Destruction Requests

  • Surplus Inventory Sales Orders

  • Material Receiving Reports.

With our Client Portal, you can start managing your end-of-life assets at an efficient new level that meets your certification and auditing requirements.

Contact Our Team

Contact us today to schedule a free online demo of our Portal with an account manager, no commitment necessary. Our software gives you comprehensive and insightful data over your end-of-life assets.

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