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IT Equipment Buyback Program


Sell Used IT Equipment

IT Equipment Buyback Program

Our IT Equipment Buyback Program pertains to functional surplus IT equipment you wish to sell to us and make the best return on your outdated assets. Sell used IT equipment, hardware, and networking equipment for top dollar returns to Evergreen IT Solutions, today. 

We provide prompt and competitive offers for the purchase of used, new, or refurbished hardware. Our commercial electronic buyback program is for businesses all over the Bay Area that focus on IT, networking devices, computers, telecom equipment, and much more. We provide on-site quotes, offer free pick up, and provide data destruction for the materials purchased. Sell used networking equipment so that it no longer wastes space in your workplace. 

Evergreen IT Solutions offers this IT equipment buyback service to businesses located in the Bay Area for new or refurbished devices. If you wish to sell IT equipment, please contact our representatives with your request by email, and we will communicate you with our purchasing representative. Take the initiative and contact one of our sales representatives during our normal business hours. Our promise to you is to provide a swift and easy purchasing process. New quote requests are processed quickly, and you will be contacted within one business day. 

IT Equipment Buyback Program
  • What kinds of IT equipment are eligible?
    All forms of IT and networking equipment that are still functional and reusable. IT, networking, and telecom equipment that are relatively newer models and have monetary resale value.
  • What items are normally accepted in the program?
    Example of items purchased are: Laptops and Computers - Including RAM (Memory), CPU, graphic cards Networking Equipment - Including servers, switches, routers, data center hardware Telecom Equipment - Security, Surveillance, and IP Phone Systems
  • What is the IT equipment buyback process?
    Send an inventory list of your equipment with item brand, model, quantity, and item condition. Receive price per item quote and total purchase order price Schedule a pick up for our team to collect onsite and transport Receive a check issued to your company and all documentation through our Client Portal

Contact Our Team

At Evergreen IT Solutions, we strive to sell used IT equipment and networking gear from businesses and data centers located in the Bay Area and satellite offices throughout the U.S. and globally. We purchase lab and medical equipment from pharmaceutical and biomed companies. Sell us your surplus equipment today and contact us with your inventory list.

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