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E-Waste Recycling in Atherton, CA 

If you have old electronics to sell or recycle, Evergreen IT can help. We’re an e-waste recycling company serving Atherton, CA. Appropriately dispose of your electronic waste with our buyback program, recycling pickup, or facility clean-out service. We also provide data destruction to remove all information from the devices we refurbish or recycle.   

IT Equipment Buyback Program


Why not make some money off your unnecessary IT equipment? Evergreen IT will buy outdated or unwanted equipment from companies, so you don’t need to waste space on gear you don’t use. Some eligible selling items include laptops, computers, telecom equipment, and routers.  


When selling devices, simply send us an itemized list detailing the number of electronics, condition, model, and brand. One of our professionals will get back to you within one business day with a quote.   

Electronic Recycling Pickup Service

Sometimes, electronics aren’t in sellable condition, and recycling them is the only option. Contact Evergreen IT to request one of our collection bins for this service. The Gaylord collection bin is 45" L x 45" W x 40" D, while the Speedpack bin is 43" L x 30" W x 30" D.   


Some of the items you can place in the bin include:  


  • Lab, testing, and medical equipment  

  • Hard drives  

  • Monitors  

  • Laptops and computers  

  • Switches  

  • Data center equipment  


If you have questions about specific items, ask our team to know whether it can go into the bin. 

Data Destruction and Erasure

No company wants to risk a data leak, which becomes even more important when you dispose of old electronics. Evergreen IT as data destruction and erasure services as a part of our electronic recycling. One of our experts will remove all information from your device and shred the hard drive to keep your sensitive information private.   

Commercial Facility Clean-Out Service

Whether you plan to move or downsize your facility, Evergreen IT can help clear out the current space. Our team will disconnect electronics, dismantle servers, and remove security equipment. We can also help disassemble cubicles and office furniture when clearing your space.   

During this e-waste disposal service, Evergreen IT will happily buy any functional electronics, including computers, routers, testing equipment, etc. You can also recycle nonfunctioning devices through this service.  

Data Center Decommissioning

Evergreen IT can help you decommission your data center—we’ll buy and recycle any unneeded equipment. When disposing of any electronics in your data center, we shred all hard drives according to NIST 800-88, DoD 5220.22-M, or NRA standards. 


Don’t hesitate to contact our team if you have questions about our e-waste recycling in Atherton, CA. With our decades of experience, we’ll responsibly dispose of your electronics to reduce waste in our community. 

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