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E-Waste Recycling in Foster City, CA

Properly disposing of your e-waste is essential to your cyber security and the ecological health of our planet. Evergreen IT understands this and offers various services for e-waste recycling in Foster City, CA, to simplify the process. These programs include equipment buyback, electronic recycling pickup, data destruction and erasure, and commercial facility clean-out.  

Equipment Buyback  

If you have functional IT equipment, such as laptops, computers, telecom equipment, or networking devices, we’ll buy it from you. Evergreen IT destroys all data on these devices before refurbishing them so that another company can reuse them. When requesting a quote, we ask that you provide us with a complete inventory list, as well as the model and brand of the equipment. From here, we’ll give a price per item and can schedule a pickup to collect these items.

Evergreen IT also buys back medical equipment, including lab electronics and testing electronics. We accept used and surplus equipment.  


Electronic Recycling Pickup 

You can properly dispose of old IT gear with our electronic waste recycling. Please contact our team to schedule a drop-off of one of our collection bins if you need to utilize our free electronics recycling services.  

Our collection bins come in two sizes: one for small businesses and a larger option for warehouses. Once you’ve filled your bin with IT gear, such as hard drives, circuit boards, electronic peripherals, and IT and networking equipment, contact us for your free pickup.  

Data Destruction and Erasure 

Evergreen IT uses R2-compliant data wiping to keep your cyber identity secure. After buying equipment from companies or taking gear, we’ll individually inspect all IT gear, remove hard drives or solid-state drives (SSD), and do onsite hard drive shredding. We destroy all 2.5” and 3.5” SSDs, hard drives, LTO tapes, and other corporate media.  

While destroying proprietary products, we’ll physically dismantle the device, reserialize it, remove asset tags, and shred it. After this, we’ll record the inventory and present you with a certificate of destruction.  

Commercial Facility Clean Out

Make cleaning out your facility and removing IT gear easier with this service. Experts from our team can help decommission your data center or facility by dismantling IT gear. We’ll destroy all hard drives, SSDs, LTO tapes, or other forms of media you no longer need. Our experts can also remove equipment or white noise boxes from the ceiling.  

Contact Us 

If your company needs one of these services, contact Evergreen IT today. We’ll purchase any surplus equipment from your company or handle e-waste recycling for your Foster City, CA, business.  You'll reach our team by calling (408) 353-0129 or emailing

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