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E-Waste Recycling in Livermore, CA 

Technology constantly evolves, and your company may have old gear you no longer want or need. Evergreen IT Solutions offers e-waste recycling services in Livermore, CA, to various company types to ensure all businesses properly dispose of their electronics. Some of our services include equipment buyback, recycling pickup, data destruction, and commercial facility clean-out. Below are additional details on each of these services.  

IT Equipment Buyback Program

Evergreen IT Solutions will buy functional devices from your company. This includes laptops, computers, routers, graphics cards, data center hardware, IP phone systems, printers, and more. Our buyback process is simple; just contact us detailing the brand, model, quantity, and condition of your items. From here, we’ll supply a quote and schedule a pickup time to collect the devices from your facility.  

Electronic Recycling Pickup Service

Electronic recycling pick is another one of our crucial e-waste solution services. For this service, you’ll receive a collection bin from us. We have large containers for bigger facilities and a smaller bin for multi-level offices. Evergreen IT Solutions accepts many items, such as hard drives, switches, cables, monitors, data center equipment, and lab equipment. Help your community reduce e-waste by appropriately disposing of outdated or broken devices.

Data Destruction and Erasure

Nearly all of us store some information on electronic devices. However, you risk data leaks by improperly disposing of computers, laptops, hard drives, and other items. Evergreen IT Solutions helps prevent this with our secure data destruction services. We use R3-compliant data wiping to ensure all information gets removed from devices. Evergreen IT Solutions will also individually inspect all devices and can shred switches, routers, and motherboards for destruction.

Data Center Decommissioning and Destruction Services

Are you looking for professional help decommissioning your data center? Evergreen IT Solutions has the best experts around. We’ll carefully unrack all equipment, dismantle server cabinets, and remove cables. Having our team handle this job ensures all switches, mainframes, PDUs, and APCs get properly removed and disposed of. We’ll buy back or destroy any gear you no longer need.

Commercial Facility Clean-Out Service

Whether you plan to relocate or make your company go remote, you may need to clear out your office space. Through this service, you have access to electronic recycling for devices that no longer work, or you can sell us your salvageable items. Various IT gear we’ll destroy for you includes hard drives, SSDs, and LTO tapes. Leave data destruction to the experts and can keep your company secure.

Contact Us

Evergreen IT Solutions is your top option for a company offering e-waste recycling services in Livermore, CA. Contact our team if you have questions about a specific service or want to schedule a service with us. 

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