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E-Waste Recycling in Los Gatos, CA 

Looking to sell or properly dispose of your company’s old electronics, IT gear, or telecom equipment? Evergreen IT Solutions offers many services surrounding e-waste recycling and the destruction of gear to protect your company and our planet. Throwing electronic devices into regular trash receptacles is harmful to the earth due to the metals and other materials inside these items. If your company is in Los Gatos, CA, ensure you appropriately dispose of electronics with our services. 

IT Equipment Buyback Program

Why hold onto unneeded IT gear when you can make money off it? With an equipment buyback service, you can sell new or used devices to us. We accept various types of functioning items, including but not limited to laptops, computers, surveillance systems, and servers. If you have old gear, message us detailing the brand, model, condition, and number of items. We’ll provide a quote within one business day and schedule a pickup to collect the devices. 

Electronic Recycling Pickup Service

We also offer electronic recycling services to companies in Los Gatos so that you can dispose of broken devices. For this service, you’ll need to contact us to receive the appropriate collection bin and set up a drop-off and pickup. Our large collection bin is 45” L x 45” W x 40” H, while our smaller size is 43” L x 30” W x 30” H. Use these bins to recycle electronics such as computers, laptops, electronic peripherals, and circuit boards. We also accept lab, testing, and medical equipment. 

Data Destruction and Erasure

As a society, nearly everyone stores some type of information on a computer. This can include sensitive details about the company or clients that we’d never want to risk leaking. Evergreen IT Solutions offers R3-compliant data destruction services for all devices we obtain. This keeps your information secure whether we refurnish your old gear or recycle the electronics. 

Data Center Decommissioning and Destruction Services

Evergreen IT Solutions also has services for data center decommissioning. We’ll dismantle all IT equipment during this service, such as servers, switches, and mainframes. Additionally, you can hire us to unbolt server cabinets and remove cable management equipment. We also offer services to record your inventory so that you can decide what items to sell, recycle, and keep. We can take all items you wish to sell or recycle.  

Commercial Facility Clean-Out Service

Clearing out an office space is time-consuming, and our team can help speed things up. During the clean-out process, you’ll receive a bin for all e-waste. Additionally, we’ll buy any working gear that you no longer need. Once your IT equipment is in our hands, we’ll destroy the hard drive to secure your information. 

Contact Us

Got questions about our e-waste recycling services in Los Gatos? Contact our customer support team today to learn more about specific services. Help make our world a greener place by partnering with Evergreen IT Solutions.

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