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E-Waste Recycling in Menlo Park, CA

Your company may have old IT gear that you no longer need. Evergreen IT has e-waste recycling in Menlo Park, CA, so businesses and medical practices can eliminate these electronics. Our programs include equipment buyback, electronic recycling pickup, data destruction and erasure, and commercial facility clean-out. In the below information, we’ve further detailed each of these services.  

Equipment Buyback

If your company has a surplus of IT equipment or outdated gear that still works, sell it to Evergreen IT. We’ll purchase computers, telecom equipment, routers, laptops, and more from companies through our commercial electronic buyback program. We also buy back used medical equipment and lab gear. 

To get a quote on your old equipment, please contact us and list the item's condition, the amount you have, and the model and brand.  

Electronic Recycling Pickup

Proper e-waste disposal isn’t just good for our environment; it’s also the law. Evergreen IT makes responsible disposal of e-waste simple—just contact us and schedule a drop-off for a collection bin. Our collection bins come in two sizes. For offices with multiple floors, our 43” L X 30” W X 30” H bin is ideal, but for bigger facilities, we have a larger container that’s 45” L X 45” W x 40” H. 

  • We recycle many items, such as: 

  • Switches 

  • Monitors 

  • Laptops 

  • Medical and testing equipment 

  • Hard drives 


Once you’ve filled your collection bin, contact us so one of our team members can pick it up and destroy the devices. After the destruction, we’ll provide you with a Certificate of Recycling.  

Data Destruction and Erasure 

Evergreen IT will destroy all 2.5” and 3.5” hard drives, solid-state drives, LOT tapes, and other media on your device. This ensures the uttermost data security during the restoration or recycling of IT equipment. Evergreen IT uses R2-compliant data-wiping software to permanently delete all information from devices.  

Commercial Facility Clean Out 

If you need to downsize, move, or relocate your business, then have our experts decommission your data centers, AV equipment, and security systems. During a clean out, place all e-waste in one of our collection bins to have it recycled. If there are functional electronics, such as laptops, routers, monitors, or medical equipment, that you no longer need, sell them to us.  

Contact Us 

For e-waste recycling in Menlo Park, CA, contact Evergreen IT. One of our team members can tell you more about our programs, discuss quotes, or set up a drop-off. 

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