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E-Waste Recycling in Millbrae, CA 

Holding on to old IT gear wastes space within your business, but that doesn’t mean unneeded items belong in the trash either. Improperly disposing of electronic devices such as laptops, routers, and printers wastes landfill space. These items also take decades to break down. Evergreen IT understands this problem and has solutions; we’ll help you properly dispose of unwanted or broken electronics. In the information below, we’ve detailed our e-waste recycling services in Millbrae, CA. 

IT Equipment Buyback Program

Looking for a place to sell your used IT gear? Evergreen IT has an equipment buyback program accepting functioning, used equipment. This includes computers, telecom equipment, routers, graphic cards, and more. We base all quotes on the number of items, condition, model, and brand of the electronics. 

Electronic Recycling Pickup Service

If you have old devices you cannot sell, contact us for electronic recycling services. When selecting this option, you’ll get a collection bin to place all electronic devices in; we have a bin for large facilities and multi-level buildings. In addition to IT hardware, you can dispose of unneeded medical equipment as you upgrade the gear in your office. 

Data Destruction and Erasure

Completely destroying all device data is vital to the e-waste disposal process. However, many individuals don’t know how to do this properly, which increases the risk of hacks and data leaks. Keep your information confidential with Evergreen IT.  

Our professionals remove all data from devices and will destroy hard drives or SSDs from computers and servers with a commercial shredder. After the destruction, we’ll provide you with a Certificate of Destruction proving this.   

Commercial Facility Clean-Out Service

Clearing out a facility can be a time extensive process and takes attention away from company tasks. Hire Evergreen IT for facility clean-out services. We’re happy to help whether you need to relocate, downsize, or plan to go remote. Our experts can help dismantle security systems, AV audio equipment, and other electronic devices. We’ll also bring a collection bin to dispose of anything you don’t plan to keep or sell to us. 

Data Center Decommissioning

Evergreen IT can aid in disassembling the IT gear within your data center. We’ll remove and dismantle all equipment, record inventory, destroy hard drives, and properly dispose of all gear.  


Only hire the best professionals when you need to get rid of old electronics. Evergreen IT Solutions has years of experience in e-waste recycling. Contact our team today to schedule your service in Millbrae, CA. 

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