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E-Waste Recycling in Milpitas, CA

Evergreen IT Solutions offers e-waste recycling to Milpitas, California, and the surrounding areas. Learn more about some of the services our team of experts offers below. 

IT Equipment Buyback Program 

While old and outdated technology may not serve your business much, such devices can still be useful to industries elsewhere. You may be looking for an environmentally responsible and profitable way to dispose of your business’s old devices and electronics. If so, you should look into our IT Equipment Buyback Program at Evergreen IT Solutions in Milpitas, CA. 

Get started today by contacting us with your list of electronics, including their condition, model, brand, and age. Our professionals will respond with a quote based on your itemized list. 

Electronic Recycling Pickup Service 

For the rest of your electronics that aren’t eligible for the buyback program, we also offer e-waste pickup services. Evergreen IT Solutions provides electronics recycling bins in Milpitas with specialty dimensions to hold your business’s devices and appliances. Some common items businesses leave for pickup include electronic medical equipment, computers and monitors, laptops, hard drives, data center equipment, and more. For a full list of compatible pickup items or to request your own pickup bin, contact Evergreen IT Solutions today. 

Data Destruction and Erasure 

Another benefit of recycling your e-waste with Evergreen IT Solutions is that we can help protect your business’s confidential data. When you simply throw away old computers or hard drives, you put the information stored on those devices at risk. Evergreen IT provides data erasure as part of our recycling process so that your business can have peace of mind. 

Commercial Facility Clean-Out Service 

Whether you’re moving facilities to expand or downsize, you may need some assistance deconstructing all of your electrical equipment. Our electronics experts at Evergreen IT Solutions can provide clean-out services for commercial facilities who need assistance moving. Our teams provide services like disconnecting electronics, dismantling servers, and removing security equipment. 

Data Center Decommissioning 

Finally, if you’re in the process of decommissioning your data center, you can also rely on Evergreen IT Solutions. Our experts will buy and recycle any equipment that you don’t need going forward. Because data centers store so much confidential information, we always practice hard drive shredding and other information destruction procedures.  

If you’re interested in any of the above services or want to learn more about a particular one, contact Evergreen IT Solutions today. We’re here to provide e-waste recycling throughout Milpitas and the greater California area. 

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