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E-Waste Recycling in Mountain View, CA

If you need an e-waste recycling source in Mountain View, CA, Evergreen IT Solutions can help. Our experts go above and beyond to provide top-quality recycling, data security, and support for local businesses. See our full list below for all the e-waste handling services we offer in Mountain View and other areas throughout California. 

IT Equipment Buyback Program 

Old and outdated electronics can slow your business’s productivity down, which is why it’s important to upgrade your technology regularly. However, this leaves businesses with devices they no longer need. Rather than throwing these items away or letting them collect dust on your shelves, consider selling them to us as part of our IT equipment buyback program. Simply contact our team and send us an itemized list of your electronics with their condition, model, brand, and age. If your devices are compatible, we’ll get back to you with a quote and your next steps. This is a great e-waste solution that prevents waste. 

Electronic Recycling Pickup Service 

You may feel tempted to throw away old electronics, devices, and electrical accessories from around your business. However, these devices contain materials that can be extremely harmful to the environment. That’s why Evergreen IT Solutions makes it easy and efficient to participate in electronics recycling with our pickup services. Contact us today to request a specialty e-waste recycling box, which we’ll pick up. All you need to do is put in your compatible electronics.  

Data Destruction and Erasure 

You may hesitate to participate in e-waste recycling or buyback programs due to security concerns. Fortunately, Evergreen IT Solutions can ease your fears. When our experts receive your electronics, we pass everything through our data destruction and erasure checklists. Hard drives and computers are often difficult to dispose of due to the confidential information they contain. However, our team provides hard drive shredding to ensure none of your information will ever be vulnerable to hackers or thieves. 

Commercial Facility Clean-Out Service 

If you’re preparing to move commercial locations and have a large staff on site, you could need assistance cleaning out your facility. Evergreen IT Solutions is here to support you when it comes to disconnecting hardware, dismantling servers, and removing security equipment. We’ll help you take apart and pack your equipment to prevent damage during the moving process. 

You can also use this time to offer unneeded electronics for sale or take advantage of our e-waste recycling program. 

Data Center Decommissioning

Data centers use a wide variety of electronic equipment. When you need to decommission a data center and have unwanted equipment, our team can help you clear out those electronics before they become e-waste. 

Contact us today at Evergreen IT Solutions if you have any questions about our services or to get started with our recycling program and more. The next time your business needs e-waste recycling in Mountain View, CA, remember our wide variety of services at Evergreen IT Solutions. 

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