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E-Waste Recycling in San Bruno, CA 

As your company grows and changes, you may have various electronic devices you no longer need. However, tossing these items in the trash harms the planet and risks your cyber security. With Evergreen IT, you can sell old equipment, properly dispose of it, destroy all device data, and clear out your facility. Read about our e-waste recycling in San Bruno, CA, to determine which of our services you need. 

IT Equipment Buyback Program

Evergreen IT will buy any used or outdated electronics as long as they work properly. Some of the items we accept include: 


  • Laptops and computers 

  • Graphic cards 

  • Security systems 

  • IP phone systems 

  • Servers 

  • Routers 


To sell your unwanted gear to us, simply send a list detailing the brand, model, condition, and quantity so we can determine a quote. From here, we’ll schedule a pickup date to get the items from you.  

Electronic Recycling Pickup Service

When you can’t sell items, it’s always best to properly discard them. Evergreen IT’s recycling pickup program simplifies the e-waste disposal process for business owners. You only need to contact us, and we’ll drop off one of our bins. Some of the gear you can dispose of with us includes the following: 


  • Servers 

  • Monitors 

  • Computers and laptops 

  • Circuit boards 

  • Electronic peripherals 


Once you’ve filled the container with your gear, call us again, and one of our experts will pick it up to recycle the devices.  

Data Destruction and Erasure

Destroying all data on electronic devices keeps your and clients’ information confidential—this goes beyond deleting files. Evergreen IT will professionally erase all information and shred hard drives before we recycle or reuse your electronics. 

Commercial Facility Clean-Out Service

Hire Evergreen IT to clean out your facility as you prepare to downsize, move your office, or make your company remote. Our team will help liquidate your office technology and disassemble AV audio equipment and white noise boxes. We’ll also destroy all needed media services through this e-waste solution.  

Data Center Decommissioning

Often, data centers hold a lot of sensitive information about a company and its clients. Leave data decommissioning to the experts at Evergreen IT. We’ll come to your facility to disassemble server cabinets and collect electronics. With this service, you can recycle all e-waste with us.   


Contact Evergreen IT today to schedule one of these-waste recycling services in San Bruno, CA. Properly disposing of your electronics will help keep our community beautiful for everyone. 

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