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Commercial E-Waste Recycling in Santa Clara Ca

Commercial e-waste is a major problem in the country and the state of California. Landfills are being filled with commercial electronics that individuals should recycle. However, we proudly do our part by offering commercial e-waste recycling in Santa Clara, California, and the Bay Area. We know the impact electronic waste has on our environment, and we want to help businesses dispose of IT equipment responsibly. We offer several services; read on to learn more.



Technology always changes and improves. Businesses must adopt new technology to stay relevant in their respective markets or improve business efficiency. But what should they do with the old technology they accumulated over the years? We’ll buy it back from our customers. Simply contact us for details, and we’ll buy your IT equipment before it becomes e-waste.


Because e-waste primarily happens in businesses, we developed a solution. Our electronic recycling pickup service provides your Santa Clara business a bin to put all your electronic waste in. All you need to do is call us, and we’ll pick up the bin and give you a new one.


We know your hardware houses useful—and often sensitive—information. We offer onsite data destruction and erasure services in Santa Clara, California. Whether you need your hard drives or SSDs shredded, we’ve got you covered. We also wipe your hard drive with R2-compliant software that permanently deletes your information.


Whether your company is growing and moving to a new location, you’re downsizing, or you’re merely relocating, we can help with your facility clean out. Our team will provide an organized approach to packing your IT equipment. We also take away any of the functional hardware you don’t need, so we can recycle it. We’ll even break down cubicles and remove furniture.


As IT technology improves, companies need to replace their data center hardware; with these changes, their data is more secure and networks run reliably and smoothly. Our team has extensive experience offering data center decommissioning services in Santa Clara, California, and the Bay Area.

If you have any questions about our services, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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