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Electronic Waste Recycling in Stanford

Looking for an e-waste recycling company in Stanford, CA? Evergreen IT Solutions strives to make our world green by keeping electronic devices out of landfills. Without proper disposal, the planet absorbs toxic materials in these devices. Our mission is to make our environment a healthier place by offering electronic recycling solutions to companies within our service area. We not only provide electronic waste recycling to Stanford, CA, but to the rest of the Bay Area as well. Below, we've listed and explained several of our services.  

IT Equipment Buyback Program

Some companies may update all their IT gear for new models even though their current equipment works fine. This is reasonable as the most recent models have updated features, which enhances usability. Rather than dispose of these devices, contact Evergreen IT for proper electronic waste disposal. With our buyback program, you can sell us your old computers, printers, routers, and more. Please note that we base prices on the quality of the equipment as well as the model.

Electronic Recycling Pickup Service  

Evergreen IT Solutions brings electronic waste recycling to you with our recycling pickup services. If you have old devices that no longer work, contact us to schedule a recycling pickup service. We’ll come to your business to drop off a collection bin, and once you’ve filled it, we’ll return to pick it up, and then dispose of all electronics.

Data Destruction and Erasure  

Evergreen IT Solutions also provides professional data destruction services in Stanford. Destroying sensitive information requires more than simply deleting files from the computer. One of our professionals can completely clear information from all hard drives and devices to prevent data leaks or hacking. This is a vital step in electronic waste recycling as it ensures no one can access information about your company after you recycle old devices.

Commercial Facility Clean-Out Service

You may need to clean out your commercial space for many reasons, such as downsizing, moving, or going completely remote. No matter the reason, working with an e-waste disposal company ensures you responsibly dispose of all electronic devices. At Evergreen IT Solutions, we’ll properly dispose of old and unwanted electronic devices you find during a clean-out to promote business security and sustainability.

Data Center Decommissioning

Relocating or decommissioning a data center often comes with a lot of equipment disposal needs. We can help you disassemble your data center and get rid of old equipment. Our team of experts can disassemble and buy or recycle all devices in your data center to ease the liquidation process. We also provide data destruction services for Stanford data centers in the process of decommissioning.

Contact Evergreen IT Solutions for electronic waste recycling in Stanford, CA, to learn more about our services.

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