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Reasons Why You Need Secure IT Asset Disposition

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

If you’re looking to upgrade your company’s computer software, there are a few things you should know before you do so. For example, data security, environmental care, and your equipment’s value are all things to keep in mind. They’re also reasons why you need secure IT asset disposition. Read below for more insight on this.


Upgrading your company’s technology is a great investment. It will increase productivity and help improve the quality of work you’re doing. However, these upgrades can also pose risks to your company if you don’t take the proper steps to secure your data and software.

To protect your company’s security, hire an e-waste management company. They will be able to safely dispose of the data and information from your retired equipment. Have peace of mind knowing your company’s crucial information is safe.

Here at Evergreen IT Solutions, we comply with NIST 800-88 standards for maximum data security. We also provide our clients with serialized certificates of destruction for all computers, laptops, and server hard drives that we shred or destroy.

Environmental Care

Protecting the environment is the responsibility of every individual. When it comes to technology, implementing the proper disposal methods is crucial. By hiring a company for secure IT asset disposition, you can have a clean conscious knowing that we will discard your electronics using responsible methods.

If you have large amounts of technology to recycle, Evergreen IT Solutions offers equipment pickups. Give us a call to set up a time for us to drop off IT collection bins. Once your bins are full, we handle the rest.

Equipment Value

The last thing to consider when deciding if you need secure IT asset disposition is the value of your equipment. Even if your items are no longer working, that doesn’t mean they hold no value. E-recycling companies can assess your IT components to find out if it’s possible to refurbish or re-market them.

Evergreen IT Solutions offers an equipment buyback program to get you the top dollars you deserve for your functioning used technology. For more information on this, give us a call. And for all your e-recycling needs, contact us today. Here at Evergreen IT Solutions, we can provide you with IT asset disposition services that you can trust.

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