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What Is IT Asset Disposition (ITAD)?

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

Whenever companies seek to relocate or cleanse their offices, they often dispose of their technology in the process. Still, most companies believe that once these systems are obsolete, they no longer have value. Then they improperly dispose of any technology that may still have sensitive data within it. However, there is a growing industry within electronic waste management meant to handle any data loss or theft. This is called IT asset disposition (ITAD). To further understand what IT asset disposition is (ITAD), read below.

What Is ITAD?

Ultimately, IT asset disposition refers to the process of removing the data and information behind technological systems for companies who want to cleanse their data or relocate their operations. Businesses with obsolete technology also utilize ITAD practices to dispose of their old equipment. Large and small-scale corporations must decide the best way to handle any sensitive data or materials appropriately. Nevertheless, businesses should use ITAD services when there is sensitive data to destroy, environmentally concerning materials to recycle, and/or to donate older or outdated hardware. Additionally, some companies lack the information on how to dispose of their equipment in a safe, ecological way.

The Benefits of Using ITAD Services

Given that, it’s unsurprising that ITAD services have a lot of benefits. For starters, they effectively handle any sensitive data that companies forget or undervalue. What many companies fail to realize is that electronic disposal does not ensure safe data disposal. In fact, many criminals sift through wasted electronics to collect private and sensitive information with malicious intent. Fortunately, e-recyclers know the proper data decommissioning tactics to wipe and secure all private data. Not only that, ITAD services conduct asset tracking, legal compliance, and software harvesting to further ensure all dispositions are legal and compliant with working equipment. Another benefit is that ITAD services are environmentally responsible. It’s common knowledge that electronics pollute the air, water, and soil with harmful chemicals and heavy metals. Many companies do not understand the seriousness of wasted electronics or lack the knowledge of proper disposal methods. However, ITAD services appropriately dispose of these materials and can even repurpose them for future use.

For ITAD services in the San Jose area, contact us at Evergreen IT Solutions. As an R2 certified e-waste disposal company, we understand how to conduct proper IT asset disposition services at our location for any technological hardware and data management. We are a leading e-waste management and recycling center focused on your end-of-life electronics to ensure appropriate data decommissioning and hardware recycling.

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