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What To Do Before Selling Your Used IT Equipment

What To Do Before Selling Your Used IT Equipment

Most businesses use technology every minute of the day to some degree, which is fascinating and helpful. However, it’s no secret that IT equipment doesn’t last forever. That said, you must know how to dispose of or sell it when the time comes. Selling your devices is a great option for many businesses, as you can use the funds to put back into your technology. Follow along to learn what to do before selling your used IT equipment for a smooth transition.

Wipe the Data

Wiping the data is arguably the most important thing to do before selling your equipment, as you don’t want anyone to get ahold of any private business or personal information. That said, you should consider encryption, data destruction programs, and data overwriting to ensure your IT equipment doesn’t have any further traces of your information when you sell it.

Clean the Hardware

After wiping the hard drive and restoring everything to factory settings, you should also consider cleaning the hardware. Unfortunately, bacteria and dust build up on IT equipment throughout the years; therefore, use a soft microfiber cloth and a mild cleaner to wipe the exterior of each device. The cleaner should be specific to electronic devices—be sure not to use too much, as excess moisture can cause damage.

List Every Device

If you’re replacing every computer, server, and external hard drive in your business, you’ll have a substantial amount of technology floating around your workspace and data center. With that in mind, you should keep a comprehensive list of every device you want to keep and sell to ensure nothing goes to the wrong place.

Find a Buyer

Lastly, you must find a buyer for the old equipment. You just need to get it out of your facility, whether you choose a private buyer or a commercial electronic buyback program. If you know of a smaller business looking for used equipment, that might be a great selling opportunity. On the other hand, a buyback program is an excellent choice for those who don’t want much involvement in the selling process.

After learning what to do before selling your used IT equipment, you can bring in new technology for your business. Selling old equipment isn’t always easy, but knowing more about the process can help it go smoothly.

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