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E-Waste Recycling in Burlingame, CA 

Nowadays, nearly everyone relies on computers, laptops, and other forms of technology for work and personal use. Over time, you may need to replace outdated or broken devices, and doing this the right way is crucial. Evergreen IT Solutions makes this easy for companies by offering e-waste recycling in Burlingame, CA. Learn more about our buyback program, electronic recycling pickup service, data destruction and erasure, and commercial facility clean-out services.  

IT Equipment Buyback Program

Our buyback program allows you to sell old IT equipment that still functions properly. We accept laptops, routers, servers, telecom equipment, switches, and data center hardware. Technology is expensive, and if your gear still works, why not make money off it? You can use the cash to purchase new company assets.  


To get a quote from Evergreen IT Solutions, please message us a detailed list stating the brand, model, condition, and quantity of equipment. We’ll reply with a buyback quote as soon as possible, usually within one business day.  

Electronic Recycling Pickup Service

Sometimes, devices no longer work and belong in the trash, but there is a right way to dispose of these items. When you schedule our electronic recycling pickup service, you’ll receive a collection bin to fill with these devices. Items we accept include:

  • Lab and medical equipment 

  • Circuit boards 

  • Monitors 

  • Computers & laptops 

  • Cables 

  • Switches 

  • Servers 

If you have questions about specific items, please ask our team as you set up the drop-off for your collection bin. Once you fill your container, reach out to us so that a member of Evergreen IT can come and pick it up.  

Data Destruction and Erasure

Complete data destruction is a vital part of refurbishing and recycling electronics. We use R3-compliant data wiping software to ensure there isn’t a single trace of your digital identity left on devices. Additionally, Evergreen IT Solutions offers onsite shredding for 2.5" and 3.5" hard drives, LTO tapes, solid-state drives, and other media your company has.

Data Center Decommissioning and Destruction Services

Whether you need to move your company or go remote, hire Evergreen IT Solutions to decommission your data center. Our technicians work carefully when unracking equipment and unbolting server cabinets. We’ll also remove network cables. After evaluating your inventory, you can decide whether to sell unneeded functional equipment to us or use our erasure and destruction services to recycle outdated technology. 

Commercial Facility Clean-Out Service

If your company goes remote, downsizes, or relocates, you may have e-waste to dispose of or sell. With help from our team, you can get server rooms decommissioned, plus have security systems and AV audio equipment removed. During this service, we’ll recycle e-waste and can purchase any functional equipment you no longer need.

Contact Us

Get in touch with our team today and learn how to properly part with any electronics or e-waste at your company. To reach our team, call 408-217-1575 or email

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