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E-Waste Recycling in Pleasanton

Over the last few years, society has become more aware of the growing trash problem in our communities. Not only do we have a lot of garbage, but we also don’t know what to do with it. Which items go in the trash, and which ones get recycled? Evergreen IT Solutions is an e-waste recycling company that serves Pleasanton, CA, and the surrounding area. We’re here to help consumers and businesses understand the importance of e-waste recycling and what they need to recycle. Check out the information below to learn about our services.

IT Equipment Buyback Program  

Proper disposal of electronic devices is important, and with Evergreen IT, you can also make a bit of money doing this. With our buyback program, you can sell old printers, laptops, computers, routers, and other IT gear for us to reuse or recycle. Of course, we base our buyback prices on the quality of all functioning devices.

Electronic Recycling Pickup Service   

You may have some devices you no longer use, which is perfectly fine! Use our electronic recycling pickup services in Pleasanton to purge this unneeded gear. After contacting us, we’ll drop off a collection bin for you to fill with all recyclable devices; we’ll come back to pick it up. No need to track down a nearby facility and haul your heavy, bulky electronics around—at Evergreen IT Solutions, we make e-waste recycling in Pleasanton easy.

Data Destruction and Erasure  

Most, if not all, of your sensitive data, may be saved to electronic devices such as computers and laptops. Without professional data destruction, hackers could access this information. Prevent this detrimental situation by having our professionals wipe company details from your electronic devices.   

Commercial Facility Clean-Out Service  

You may need to clean out your commercial space for many reasons, such as downsizing, moving, or going completely remote. No matter the reason, working with an e-waste disposal company ensures you responsibly dispose of all electronic devices. At Evergreen IT Solutions, we’ll properly dispose of old and unwanted electronic devices you find during a clean-out to promote business security and sustainability.

Data Center Decommissioning  

Evergreen IT Solutions makes it easy for you to decommission your data center. We can dissemble all your equipment, plus buy it from you for proper disposal.

Got questions about Evergreen IT’s e-waste recycling in Pleasanton? Contact us by calling 408-353-0129 or emailing for more details about our services.   

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