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Electronic Waste Recycling
in San Francisco

Safely and efficiently recycling e-waste is an ever-increasing modern-day environmental concern globally and nationwide. As the list of assorted electronic products industries use grows visibly longer, the lifespan of current electronics grows inevitably shorter.

Failure to properly recycle electronic waste, or e-waste, carries significant risks and hazards. Recycling e-waste products such as computers, servers, hard drives, and cables can show your business’s commitment to environmental concerns and safety. Participating in electronic recycling pick ups is a convenient way for your business to get rid of products like these that could contain sensitive information without putting your data at risk.

The issue lies in proper disposition methods for obsolete commercial-used electronics. Many of these end-of-life electronics contain hazardous materials that are not safe for disposal in traditional landfills. Rather, such products require responsible recycling with methods compliant with local, state, and federal regulations that protect environmental and human health.  

At Evergreen IT Solutions, we understand the criticalness of this matter, and we are here to help you implement the best electronics recycling solution for your California-based business. Our experienced team offers commercial e-waste recycling services in San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area. Regardless of the field or industry—educational, medical, tech, scientific, and more—our e-waste recycling program is strategically designed to protect and serve our clients to the fullest degree. Whatever your specific needs are, we have you covered with certified industry solutions in your local area.  

By recycling electronics, you can have peace of mind that you’re disposing of these materials in the most environmentally responsible way. Embracing e-waste recycling provides an efficient and hassle-free way to dispose of these materials to promote environmental and information safety. This practice also helps businesses adhere to environmental laws and regulations, mitigating the risk of penalties and fines. 

The Evergreen IT Solutions Experience

We are an ISO- and R2-certified data center provider, so our clients can trust our company to responsibly dispose of or recycle any unusable or unwanted commercial electronics according to respected industry standards. Our team has dedicated experience working with and recycling products from the leading electronic manufacturing brands. We always strive to ensure our processes are fully compliant with the latest electronic waste recycling laws, providing superior transparency and reliability to protect your business.


Evergreen IT Solutions can provide a sustainable method to dispose of your business's dated electronics with our buyback program for computers and laptops. Our team offers convenient e-waste collection and transportation services—including drop-off and pickup—to ensure the ease and accessibility of safe computer recycling. Get in touch with us today—via phone or our online contact form—to learn more about our services or get started. Efficient commercial electronic waste recycling in San Francisco, CA, or the surrounding area is simply a call or click away. 

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