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Electronic Waste Recycling in San Jose, CA

As companies and individuals, we want to properly dispose of items once we no longer need them. With Evergreen IT’s electronic waste recycling in San Jose, CA, you can properly dispose of laptops, computers, printers, routers, telecom equipment, and other electronic devices that simply aren’t necessary anymore. We have various programs for companies in San Jose, CA, including IT equipment buyback, electronic recycling pickup, data destruction and erasure, and commercial facility clean-out. Below, we’ve gone into detail regarding these services.  

IT Equipment Buyback Program

We happily accept all types of IT and networking equipment as long as it’s still functioning. We’ll take items such as computers, laptops, telecom equipment, printers, routers, and more. Our goal is to limit the amount of electronics that go to waste as much as possible, and by buying back from companies, we can refurbish and reuse these items. You can contact our team for an exact quote on how much money we’ll give for the IT and networking gear you want to sell.  


Electronic Recycling Pickup Service

If your company has old electronics you wish to dispose of, ensure you do it correctly. When you use our electronic waste disposal pickup service, we’ll drop off one of our collection bins for you to fill. For offices, we recommend our smaller bin, as it’s 43” L X 30” W X 30” H; for larger facilities, we suggest using our larger collection bin, which is 45” L X 45” W x 40” H. Once you have your bin, you can fill it with your electronics, including computers, hard drives, circuit boards, switches, or monitors. We also take electronic medical equipment, such as analytical instruments, lab pumps, and microscopes.  


Data Destruction and Erasure 

At Evergreen IT Solutions, we also offer data destruction services, where we use a hard drive shredder to completely destroy these 2.5”/3.5” hard drives, solid-state hard drives, as well as other forms of corporate media. During this e-waste disposal process, we remove the hard drive or SSDs from the electronic devices you give us and then shred them to ensure the total destruction of your data.

Commercial Facility Clean-Out Service 

Whether you plan to downsize, relocate, or move commercial space, our team of professionals can assist. Our experts can disconnect and remove all electronic waste from your facility. In addition, we’re happy to buy off any surplus equipment you have and no longer need. Evergreen IT accepts laptops, computers, servers, lab equipment, and more. We destroy the hard drives and all media when decommissioning devices to ensure your company’s information remains secure.

Contact Us 

You can count on Evergreen IT for electronic waste recycling in San Jose, CA. Please contact us for assistance when it comes to learning more about specific programs.    

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