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E-Waste Recycling in San Ramon, CA 

Holding onto items you no longer need wastes space you could dedicate to other company assets. However, electronic devices, networking gear, and telecom equipment don’t belong in the trash either. Evergreen IT Solutions offers e-waste recycling in San Ramon, CA, that makes it easy for companies to eliminate old devices. Several of our recycling programs include IT equipment buyback, electronic recycling pick-up, data destruction and erasure, and commercial facility clean-out. 

IT Equipment Buyback Program

If you have old yet functional electronics, why not make some money off of them? Evergreen IT Solutions will buy a range of devices, including routers, laptops, computers, switches, graphics cards, telecom equipment, and more. When you sell old gear to us, you can rest assured we’ll destroy all sensitive information before refurbishing the item for reuse.

We base our quotes on the brand, model, condition, and quantity of items you have. Send us these details about your equipment so that we can determine a price and schedule a pickup at your location.  

Electronic Recycling Pickup Service

Evergreen IT Solutions also offers electronic recycling in San Ramon so that you can properly dispose of old electronics. We can also help in decommissioning data centers and companies of all sizes. To utilize this service, contact our team to get a large— 45" L x 45" W x 40" H— or small—43" L x 30" W x 30" H—collection bin. We’ll drop off the container at your location so that you can fill it with items such as:


  • Computers & laptops 

  • Monitors 

  • Hard drives 

  • Switches 

  • Circuit boards

Once you’ve filled your container, one of our representatives will come pick it up so that we can destroy the data on all devices and dismantle the electronics.

Data Destruction and Erasure

We use onsite hard drive shredders to destroy 2.5" and 3.5" hard drives, SSDs, LTO tapes, and other media types. After destroying the devices, we’ll supply you with a Certificate of Destruction. Our team can physically dismantle data servers and racks, shred devices, and supply picture reports.

Data Center Decommissioning and Destruction Services

Contact Evergreen IT Solutions if you need help decommissioning your data center in San Ramon, CA. When you work with us, our technicians will unrack all IT equipment and remove network cables from the room and offices. Once you take inventory of your gear, you can sell us used or unused working equipment or have us recycle any unneeded or broken IT equipment.

Commercial Facility Clean-Out Service

If you need to downsize your facility or plan to go completely remote, you may have IT gear you no longer need. With our e-waste disposal company, you can get rid of all the devices you no longer need. We can decommission data centers and security systems as well as dismantle and remove office furniture during a commercial facility clean-out.

Contact Us

Contact Evergreen IT Solutions today to set up the specific e-waste recycling service you need. You’ll reach us by calling 408-217-1575 or emailing

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