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Arrow Electronics Departs From ITAD: Evergreen IT Solutions Is Your Next Step

Arrow Electronics recently announced that it plans to close down its IT asset disposition business. The company plans to end its operations by the end of 2019.

“After careful market analysis indicating that business dynamics have changed since we entered this market, we have decided to wind down operations at our personal computer and mobility asset disposition business,” said Michael J. Long, the chairman, president and CEO of Arrow.

“This will allow us to continue to focus on our cross-enterprise strategy to enable next-generation technologies, such as artificial intelligence, industrial automation, smart cities and vehicles,” Long said.

For those who use Arrow Electronics as their electronic disposal service, the company leaving the ITAD business is a major shift. Evergreen IT Solutions can help during this transition period by offering you the R2-certified IT asset decommissioning solutions you need.

What does Evergreen IT Solutions have to offer?

With Evergreen IT Solutions, you don’t have to worry about trying to find a new electronic recycling service and IT equipment purchasing partner . Evergreen IT Solutions offers:

  • R2:2013 and ISO 14001/45001 Certified Services: The R2 certification is the industry’s leading standard for IT asset management and electronics value recovery through refurbishment, remarketing, recycling, and data destruction.

  • Electronic recycling. You can safely recycle your company’s electronics with Evergeen’s e-waste pickups. We offer collection bins, certificates of recycling, and an online database where you can safely record your recycling information.

  • Data center decommissioning. Evergreen IT Solutions offers comprehensive solutions for data centers that include decommissioning and NIST 800-88 data destruction. We de-rack, palletize, and transport your server and networking equipment back to our facility where it is purchased for remarketing or responsibly recycled.

  • Client portals and databases. You don’t have time to go digging for your recycling documents and certificates. You have a business to run. The good news is, Evergreen provides each of our business customers with a unique client login that gives you the ability to securely and quickly access each of your recycling certificates, pick up orders, invoices, and documents.

Evergreen IT Solutions also provides more serves including IT equipment purchasing, facility move-outs, and data destruction and erasing so you can feel confident in your new e-waste disposal.

Need to dispose of electronics at your workplace?

It’s no secret that electronic recycling is important. In fact, e-waste makes up 2% of the trash in America’s landfills, but it makes up approximately 70% of the world’s overall toxic waste. That’s where the importance of electronic recycling services like Evergreen IT Solutions comes in.

Evergreen IT Solutions offers e-waste pick ups and electronics disposal in San Jose and the entire Bay Area so you can recycle your electronics without breaking a sweat. For more information about our e-waste pickups, computer recycling, or electronic recycling, contact Evergreen IT Solutions today at 408-612-1667 or to speak with an account manager today.

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