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How To Reduce Waste For Your IT Company

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

While you might think of your tech company as being a green business right now, there might be a few steps you could be taking to reduce your carbon footprint even more. IT companies and related electronic services are becoming a growing presence in the U.S. economy, meaning their overall impact on the environment is growing. Equipment such as computers, laptops, networking servers and switches have processors that become outdated over time and eventually need to be replaced. Here are just a few ways you can work as a company to reduce your environmental impact through waste reduction and other means.

Maintain What You Have

Just because a particular computer has been giving you trouble lately doesn’t necessarily mean it’s time to get rid of it. Take extra time when you can to properly maintain and update your systems with what you have on hand. The fewer newer computers you need to buy, the fewer resources you’ll ultimately be using to run your business. Plus, it’s generally cheaper to maintain equipment than to replace it outright.

Find Efficient Equipment

When you do eventually have to purchase new equipment to replace your old models, look for energy-efficient options whenever possible. Newer technology tends to be designed with energy consumption in mind. Also, be sure to use any settings at your disposal on your devices to reduce how much energy they use. Just be careful to not change or alter vital settings that help you get your job done.

Handle Computer Disposal Correctly

Did you know that an estimated 34% of all electronic waste comes from IT sources? When you’ve finished using your technology and it’s beyond repair, being mindful about how you dispose of electronics is important. E-waste pick ups are just one option, but you’ll also want to look into electronic recycling programs and computer disposal for businesses near you. Nothing can go directly to a landfill, and proper electronics disposal ensures that your e-waste isn’t harming the environment.

As tech companies continue to grow across the United States, their environmental impact grows too. Luckily, the right techniques and computer disposal methods can help you keep your IT company green for years to come. For more information or to schedule e-waste pick ups for your business, contact Evergreen IT Solutions today.

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