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The Benefits of Selling Old IT Equipment

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

When the time comes to buy new laptops, computers, or other technology, you’ll have to get rid of the old. While you could recycle it, another option is to sell old equipment—the benefits of selling old IT equipment range from helping the environment to freeing up space.

Improves Eco Footprint

By improperly disposing of technology, you put the environment in danger. Some IT equipment isn’t recyclable, and materials such as metal aren’t biodegradable. Sometimes, these materials even release toxic elements. Disposing of them improperly can leave lasting effects on our environment and take up space in landfills. And remember, companies caught illegally disposing of technology face fines and legal penalties.

It Boosts Your Reputation

When you sell old routers or computers, you allow others to use it through recycling or restoration. In helping the environment, your company will also gain a better reputation. The public has become increasingly aware of efforts to save our Earth—join the cleanup and dispose of your old IT equipment in a way that is eco-friendly.

Saves the Business Money

Selling old equipment will help you make extra cash, saving you money in the process. Put those savings toward new technology to advance the business. When you hold onto equipment that you’re not using, it does nothing to push your company further.

Technology changes rapidly. A successful company needs current routers, computers, servers, and other IT equipment to prevent technological failure. Maintaining dated technology isn’t cheap, and it may be harder to get the necessary parts. So, keep up with the changes and recycle old computers and other unused technology.

Boosts Data Security

Of the many benefits of selling old IT equipment, enhanced data security is among the most important. This is because by getting rid of old technology, you can buy what’s new and improved. Cybersecurity protects the company, employees, and clients. Since it has upgraded hardware, new technology is more secure. New technology also has the processors to handle the latest protection software.

Before selling old servers, networking equipment, or other technology, ensure you’re selling to a trustworthy company. The best IT recycling companies take the right measures and wipe hard drives before repurposing any technology. Evergreen IT Solutions offers commercial electronic buyback programs that securely get rid of outdated laptops, computers, and other equipment.

Selling unused equipment ensures you get a return on your environment—you make no money throwing it away. And if you improperly dispose of IT equipment, you could lose money through fines or data breaches.

Remember that old or unused technology serves no purpose, so there’s no use in keeping it around. As you investigate companies to help you sell old, functional IT equipment, contact Evergreen IT Solutions. Why not make some cash as you get rid of unused technology? A successful business always moves forward.

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Mar 03, 2023

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