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The Consequences of Improper Data Destruction

Updated: Apr 17

Properly destroying data is vital to a business. A security breach puts more than the business at risk, and it affects each employee by releasing sensitive information. A breach is one of the consequences of improper data destruction that has a trickle-down effect on a company. The release of sensitive material could result in a lack of trust, lawsuits, or a complete shut down of the business.

You Put Others at Risk

In the age of technology, information on the company, employees, and clients remains stored in a digital system. While this makes data easy for employees to gain access to, it is just as easy for hackers to steal this material. When you decide it’s time to update technology in the office, properly dispose of old computers.

Contact an electronic recycling pick-up service that employs experts who will wipe the hard drives of all lasting information. If you’re looking for an ethical e-recycling company, get in contact with Evergreen IT Solutions and their team of experts!

You’ll Have Legal Penalties

Remember that erasing data isn’t as simple as hitting delete, and improperly destroying information could lead to legal consequences. Due to laws like HIPPA and FACTA, you may face government fines by refusing to erase digital intelligence appropriately. Additionally, you put yourself and the company at risk for lawsuits.

You’ll Lose Money

A data breach affects the way the public sees you. If your company falls victim to hacking, there’s a chance future clients or customers will lose interest. Once your reputation has been compromised, correcting the way the public perceives you may be impossible. No one wants to invest in a company they can’t trust.

As a result of a major breach and loss of revenue, you may have to close your doors for good. Data breaches affect the company and everyone involved in it, from employees to clients alike. If their information is illegally made public, you may face fines or lawsuits.

Luckily, preventing this is as easy as hiring a professional to remove all sensitive documents from your hard drives. Contact Evergreen IT Solutions to get the job done right; they can ease your worries about the consequence of improper data destruction.

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