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Business 101: How To Start an E-waste Program at My Office

Updated: Apr 17

One of the biggest challenges within large companies is maintaining the overall manufacturing and product line efficient, productive and environmentally sustainable. The responsibility of the manufacturer includes the proper handling of their end-of-life products or their defective units within their processes.

But recycling isn’t your company’s business, your main focus is delivering innovative and a superb product line to your clients. So how can you start an e-waste program for all those electronic components, circuit boards, and old networking equipment?

That’s where we come in.

It’s easy to get started and the implementation of a free comprehensive e-waste program is faster than you think.

Step 1: Identify the different categories of electronic waste your company produces.

Category # 1: Manufacturing Department: Circuit Boards, Cables, Wire, Power Supplies, Testing Equipment

Category # 2: IT Department: Computers, Monitors, Keyboards, Mice, Printers, CPU’s, Memory, Routers, Switches, Servers

Category # 3: Universal Waste: Batteries & Bulbs

Step 2: Identify the time frame your company produces a large load of E-waste (1 – 2 Pallets worth).

  1. Once or twice a year “one-time” pick ups

  2. Frequently (1-2 Months)

  3. Quarterly (Every 3-4 Months)

Step 3:  If your company produces E-waste Frequently or Quarterly, our Collection Bin program for E-waste is a great fit. Bins are provided at no cost and are picked up for free when full to make office electronic recycling simple. We bring replacement bins when we pick up all E-waste for an ongoing solution.

Choose the best bin that works for your facility:

  1. Speed packs for Office Settings

  2. Gaylords and Pallets for Warehouses

Step 4: Identify any additional services your facility requires in a downstream process.

  1. Hard Drive or Product Destruction

  2. Certificates of Recycling or Destruction

  3. Asset Tag Recording

  4. Move Out Services

  5. Employee E-waste Recycling Events

  6. Surplus Product Buy Back

Step 5 Contact Evergreen IT to schedule a meeting with our representatives, so you are all set to implement our e-waste program within your facility.

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