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Do You Know the Different Categories of E-waste Recycling?

Updated: May 24, 2022

There are different types of e-waste for recycling, each category comes from a different source in the business industry. Below you will find common examples categories of e-waste recycling that our facility recycles from all different types of tech companies.

Information Technology

 IT companies often upgrade their systems to stay on top of the fastest technology trends, replacing computers, monitors, servers, and other electronic equipment. It is estimated that 34 percent of all E-waste falls under this category from IT sources. This can result in various types of e-waste as they dispose of all the dated equipment.


Manufacturing companies contribute to another category of e-waste in their own processes, such as testing circuit boards, wires, power supplies and other electronic components. RMA defective products are returned to the manufactures and can no longer be sold as new products, these are then recycled in a responsible dismantling procedure or reused through refurbishment.


Different medical devices and equipment that become outdated technology or lose accuracy can be recycled as well. At Evergreen we make sure every item is recycled properly through a proper testing process for refurbishment or destruction process for precious metal recovery. These items are some samples of the different items that could be recycled from a Hospital, Laboratory, or Clinic: Autoclave Systems, Analyzers, Centrifuges, Microscopes, Spectrometers, and Ultrasound Machines.

Data Centers

Keeping information secure is a main priority while working with data centers where confidential information has been stored. Examples of the items we recycle for data centers are hard drives, servers, APC batteries, UPS batteries and server racks. Evergreen IT prioritizes data center decommissioning—each item is securely destroyed upon request and all asset disposition records are issued for auditing purposes.

We accept a wide range of electronics in our free program including the above categories of e-waste. If you have any questions contact us to create a unique program for your organization:

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