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Mistakes To Avoid When Decommissioning IT Equipment

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

Eventually, the time will come to dispose of your computers, servers, and other IT equipment as technology updates. As your business gets ready to do this, look out for the mistakes to avoid when decommissioning IT equipment. Your hard drives hold valuable information on the company and your employees, so protect both by understanding these common errors.

Forgetting To Backup Information

Before you dispose of any IT equipment, especially computers, backup the information on it. With an external hard drive, you can save any important information and records. It will be impossible to retrieve any of this once you wipe the hard drive.

Not Categorizing Equipment

Categorize your equipment, so all employees know what has and hasn’t been decommissioned, and what you still need to decommission. Keep decommissioned computers, routers, other things separate from everything the employees can use. Each piece of equipment should reside in a specific location after the process is complete to prevent accidental usage.

Not Tracking of Equipment

Keep a physical inventory of what you’ve decommissioned and still need it by logging what you’ve done and when. This keeps the process easy and organized. This also lessens the chance of accidents, such as forgetting to wipe a hard drive. Experts recommend you log the time, date, and which piece of equipment you have decommissioned.

Pro Tip:

Once you’ve cleared the data on your computer, server, and other equipment, double-check that it’s really gone. Providing easy access to valuable employee, customer, and business information is the last thing you want.

Neglecting the Laws

Follow the legal expectations, both national and local. These laws protect individuals from identity theft, which is a risk if you do an insufficient job of destroying data. People caught breaking these laws face legal repercussions.

Forgetting To Contact an Expert

Never wait to decommission old gear; this wastes space and puts cybersecurity at risk. When in doubt, contact an expert to ensure no cyber information remains for hackers to access. Professionals also recycle computers, laptops, servers, and other IT equipment to ensure proper disposal!

There are many mistakes to avoid when decommissioning IT equipment, and each protects sensitive information for everyone involved with your company. In order to ensure you avoid these mistakes, leave the job to a team of experts! Contact Evergreen IT Solutions to decommission your e-waste in San Jose! When you contact professionals for the job, you eliminate the stress you may otherwise face.

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