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Reasons You Need a Professional E-Waste Recycling Company

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

As your company prepares to discard old electronics, make sure you do so correctly, as many contain hazardous material. However, some electronics can get a new life elsewhere. By discovering the reasons you need a professional e-waste recycling company, you can ensure your business disposes of waste legally.

Some Materials Are Hazardous

Often, electronics contain harmful or hazardous materials that could be dangerous to people or the environment if simply thrown away. For this reason, states have different guidelines for proper e-waste disposal.

E-waste is hazardous due to the substances it’s often made up of, and most e-waste consists of one of the following materials:

  • Lead

  • Copper

  • Mercury

  • Arsenic

  • Cadmium

  • Chlorine

The materials often found in e-waste pose a danger to individuals if overly exposed. For example, overexposure to the mercury found in cell phone batteries could damage any living organism’s brain.

Materials May Be Reusable

Although an electronic can no longer serve your company, it may benefit another; you can donate electronics that are still in working condition—even if they’re old. By giving back, you create a positive impact on your community and local businesses.

E-waste experts know which parts can and cannot get reused. Additionally, they ensure all drives and hardware get properly wiped before donating the technology.

It Improves Data Security

A reputable e-waste recycling company takes the proper measures when disposing of your e-waste. One of the most important steps is wiping hard drives and clearing technology of all sensitive data. If this information gets out, employees could be at risk for identity theft, as personal information often remains on poorly disposed of computers.

An e-waste professional knows how to properly wipe this and other crucial company information off all drives, so hackers cannot access it, protecting your company and employees.

It Enhances the Workplace

By disposing of old technology properly, you clear up space in the office, making it more efficient and organized as well as saving you time and money. Rather than keep old electronics in storage, get rid of them so you can use that space for additional workers or essential tools.

Moreover, this saves your company money. By hiring an expert to dispose of your electronics, you ensure all protocols are followed. Poorly disposing of electronics won’t pay off in the long run, as there may be legal battles or expensive fines.

Understanding the reasons you need a professional e-waste recycling company as you prepare to dispose of old electronics is essential to getting the job done correctly. As you search to properly take care of your e-waste recycling in San Jose, California, trust the experts at Evergreen IT Solutions. Finding a trustworthy company for taking care of your e-waste is essential to ensure the job gets done legally and ethically.

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