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The Best Ways To Dispose of Old Electronics

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

Having new equipment in your business is exciting—however, making room for the new means getting rid of the old. It’s time to explore the best ways to dispose of old electronics, so you and your team know the proper procedure every time.

Take It To a Recycler

Instead of simply storing away your old, used technology in the closet, reduce your footprint in the world by taking your equipment to a recycler. Taking this step towards sustainability promotes the reduction of electronic waste and helps protect the planet.

Get in touch with a nonprofit group or organization that has drop-off locations around your community for safe disposal.

Sell Unwanted Equipment To Tech Firms and Stores

You can sell used IT equipment to tech firms and stores that offer buyback programs and other incentives. When you come to us at IT Evergreen Solutions, you can sell your most outdated asset for a valuable return that competes with that of other tech centers.

Donate Your Old Tech

Considering your gadgets are most likely still in working condition, you can donate them to partnerships, charities, and nonprofit organizations to fulfill another purpose.

Many of these groups use unwanted equipment in recreation centers and are useful to have in computer classes for older individuals to practice their computer skills.

Getting rid of old equipment can be challenging—but it doesn’t have to be. Take a step in the right direction of sustainability and dispose of old electronics in the best way when you use the choices mentioned in this article. Not only will you reduce the amount of e-waste your business produces, but you’ll make an impact in the fight to protect our planet.

Consider us at IT Evergreen Solutions as your to-go option for used equipment. Our IT Equipment Buyback program allows you to sell unwanted equipment such as networking devices, and computers at competitive offers so you can make the most on your sale. We even offer a free pick-up service and data destruction for the products you sell us.

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