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Tips for Reducing E-Waste at Your Business

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

In today’s modern age, the amount of electronics we use daily continues to rise. From our laptops, TVs, and cellphones, it seems as if every year there is a new item everyone has to get their hands on. When it comes to your business, things aren’t much different. You’re constantly looking for ways to improve operations. Thus, you’re quick to upgrade to the latest tech. However, these behaviors are detrimental to our planet. To combat the ongoing threat of climate change, it’s important to handle your e-waste responsibly. Do your part by following these helpful tips for reducing e-waste at your business.

Reduce the Amount of Electronics Your Business Uses

If your business currently uses multiple sets of computers, phones, hard drives, and other tech solutions, consider cutting things down. A benefit of technology’s constant evolution is the fact that business operations are continually getting simpler.

Instead of using large, bulky desktops, consider switching to tablets wherever possible. Rather than using hard drives and USBs, switch over to an online storage service. Telecom solutions can help you get rid of the bulky phone systems your office currently utilizes. If you’re able, consider going completely paperless to get rid of the energy-consuming printers in your office.

Sell Your Working Electronics

If you’re looking to upgrade your electronics, repurpose your old ones by selling them. Don’t let a good working item go to waste. Instead, list the item online for a resale profit. Oftentimes, other companies will be willing to pay you a fair price for your items.

At Evergreen IT Solutions, we can take your working electronics off your hands and offer you the best return through our equipment buyback program.

Recycle the Non-Working Stuff

If your old equipment is no longer viable, do the responsible thing by contacting an e-waste recycler. They’ll be able to properly dispose of your old items. In doing this, you’re reducing the number of electronics that end up in landfills and take thousands of years to decompose. Therefore, you’re reducing the number of toxic chemicals that contaminate our planet.

When choosing an e-waste recycler to get the job done for you, do your research. Be sure to choose a company that can offer you a wide range of electronic recycling services, such as secure data destruction, equipment pick-ups, and facility cleanouts.

As a business owner, you hold a big responsibility when it comes to e-waste recycling. This is due to the fact that office and business operations call for the use of many different electronics. Letting electronics end up in landfills is the worst thing you can do for the planet. To make a lasting impact, be sure to actively use these tips for reducing e-waste at your business. If you’re in the Bay Area, choose Evergreen IT Solutions. We are a company you can trust to responsibly recycle your old electronics and protect your sensitive data.

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