What is E-waste Recycling?

Updated: Mar 4

Quietly tucked away in the corners of your household lie several tangled cables, old remotes, and outdated devices. As time passes these devices collect dust and tend to accumulate without end, until one summer day you decide to clean your cluttered space. You toss out the unnecessary trash, including plastics, paper, and cardboard. However, you are left with an unusual pile of miscellaneous electronics on your garage floor and that’s when the question hits you–

How do I get rid of this electronic waste?

The correct answer is: E-waste Recycling, otherwise known as Electronic Waste Recycling. This process avoids the electronic materials from reaching landfills and causing extreme environmental damage to the soil of our Earth. Electronics contain many harmful chemicals, such as Arsenic, Lead, and Mercury, which need to be handled with care at a recycling facility.

Where can I go to recycle electronic devices?

Many recycling facilities have a drop off service at their location where the public can simply stop by and unload their materials for proper handling. It is important to check the list of acceptable e-waste items, disposal prices, and call if you have any questions about a particular item.

For residents of Santa Clara County and the Greater Bay Area, a free drop off service for e-waste is available at our location:

2365 Paragon Drive, Suite B, San Jose, CA 95131

Monday – Friday 8:00AM – 4:30PM

(408) 612 – 1667

We accept a wide range of electronic devices for free in our drop off program to assist the public recycle in an easy and convenient way. Start your cleaning project today and choose to be green.

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